2017 and 2018 proved to be a great year for digital money when the prices skyrocketed and the market started diversifying unprecedentedly. Startups with several Block-chain associated services and products launched, traders and investors remarkably accelerated the trading volume, market cap plumped up like never before and the movement of the virtual financial revolution paced up that is still being contributed!

Presently more than 5000 digital currencies are available in the market to invest and deal in the digital money market place with a total market cap of more than 200 Billion USD. Some of the major digital currencies contribute a major part of the full market cap of virtual markets.

Let us find out the top 10 best performing cryptocurrencies in 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The list of 10 best performing virtual currencies to invest in can’t start with a different virtual currency than BTC – the world’s most well-known crypto. The fame of this virtual money is one of its biggest benefits against other players in the crypt market.

As long as BTC continues to dominate the digital currency market, investors will forever advantage from extremely liquidity levels. Even during periods of market improbability. Over the years, BTC has shown a huge volatile consistent development. With the BTC halving 2020 around the corner and crypto community expects BTC to soon approach new historical heights.

Ripple (XRP)

3rd digital currency by market cap but 2nd in my best performing list, XRP is among the most promising investments in this top 10 list. It is a solid network and technology is quickly opening new options in the field of international commerce, payments networks, and banking. MoneyGram has received over 11 million USD from XRP last year to use its block technology for payment solutions. MoneyGram carries on to expand its strategic partnership with XRP as the primary money transformer company to scale the utilization of block capabilities.

In Feb 2020 European money transfer service AZIMO announced it’ll also start using XRP’s on-demand liquidity to boost the pace of customer transfer. The list of organizations using XRP services goes on and on. Crypto experts believe 2020 will outcome in a bigger adoption of Ripple and therefore its value will boost significantly.

Litecoin (LTC)

LTC is one of the fastest and most affordable digital money when it comes to payments. Its technology forward profile puts this digital money on 3rd spot by performing a list. Compared to BTC and ETH, the only currencies above LTC, this crypto offers big potential at a much more affordable price tag. Every LTC unit presently trades for less than 50 USD, which gives a wider number of investors the option to jump in.

In the same way then XRP, the price of LTC also widely depends on adoption. Hopefully, for its supporters, the crypto looks to be already in a fine way. LTC has recently confirmed it will be integrated to usual ATMs in South Korea via a collaboration with MECONCASH.

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH needs no intro, BTC might be the most performing digital currency, but nobody can deny ETH is by far the most powerful one. The reason is very simple, the ETH block technology allows tons of projects to develop on top of it.

Standing at 212 USD, ETH remains an extremely accessible investment for those starting in the digital currency space. The potential of this money is closely related to the potential of its network. The more decentralized apps and systems relying on the ETH network, the more power tokens will become.

Binance Coin (BNB)

BINANCE is not just the world’s biggest digital money exchange but it’s the name of a coin, too. BINANCE Coin falls under the best 30 digital money in the world by market cap. BNB has high liquidity and one of the assets which are better in crypto trading. BNB gives great prospects in the long term as it boosts steadily at times of turmoil too. Since it has added fifteen new tokens, it has seen around 50 percent adoption after that. BNB coin price, for now, is just over 17 USD and had a market cap of four billion USD.

The crypto world remains a pretty small one. There’re only some names that truly ring a bell, and NO is among them. NEO is an open-source and community-driven platform that leverages block function to optimize the virtual economy. The Genesis Block resulted in 100M tokens. The investor received 50% of the tokens, and the complete remains locked into a smart agreement.

Each year, a total of 15M tokens are released to fund long term targets of the development team. Since last year, the NEO token has to gain decent development and the current price of the NEO token is just over 9 USD.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Presently one of the market’s top ten digital currencies, BCH is a hard fork of BTC. From a financial perspective, 1 BCH was trading for 259USD during the first week of May.

BCH is the 4th biggest digital money in terms of market cap. This is partly due to its link to the actual BTC. BCH was made to address the slow trade speeds of BTC. It allows bigger blocks assuring enhanced scalability and faster trades. As long as BTC remains a market topper in the crypto world, BCH will continue to performing and grow in popularity.


Tether is a stable token remaining the cryptographic model of the USD. It’s one of the most advents in the virtual market which somehow rescued itself from the extremely unstable market. The uniqueness in the determination of the value of Tether made it famous among the fewer risk-takers or digital money traders who cannot afford much to lose.


EOS launched in 2017 and while other digital money is made for P2P trades, the EOS coins are made to be utilized within the EOS system – same to ETH platform. The EOS.io smart agreement platform is made to conduct millions of trades each second without feeds and is perfect for developers looking to build their application or smart agreements.


However, MONERO has a much slower mining procedure than BTC, its algorithm does not differ much from usual computers that allow it to reach a bigger user base. One of the main points bringing MONERO to the top ten best-performing cryptocurrencies is that its privacy and security abilities make trades confidential and untraceable; it utilizes cryptography to both protect receiving/sending addresses, also transacted.