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Crypto Market Cap – How To Calculate A C

Crypto Market Cap – How To Calculate A Cryptocurrency Market Cap?

Market capitalization or Cryptocurrency Market Cap is the combined worth of all issued digital currencies. For instance, imagine that there’s a digital currency that has a hundred coins in circulation. Each coin costs 100 USD. The market cap of this is 10,000 USD. Understanding the live cryptocurrencies prices will help you see the risk and […]

How Covid-19 has effected the cryptocurr...

How Covid-19 has effected the cryptocurrency Market?

In less than 4 months, the novel Covid-19 transformed form just one of the usual virus epidemics in recent memories into a worldwide pandemic, threatening to cause severe and drastic changes in the world’s most significant problems as we know it. Several have already termed the recent outbreak as the not so anticipated WW-III, as […]

An introduction To Cryptocurrency – All

An introduction To Cryptocurrency – All you need to know

A Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that serves to exchange services and goods via a system of the digital transaction without having to go through any sort of intermediary. The very first Cryptocurrency that started trading was BTC (Bitcoin) in 2009 and since then hundreds of others have emerged, with other features such […]

Cryptocurrencies: 7,615
Markets: 499
Marketcap: $ 263.78 B
24h Vol: $ 31.10 B
BTC Dominance: 63.35%