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What is Centrality?

Centrality (CENNZ) is peer-to-peer decentralized market place for applications that are connected to the blockchain. These applications communicate with each other, share data and are governed by smart contracts. The platform enables businesses connected here to scale up and create value by sharing data, merchants, content and customers. Users on the platform utilize CENNZ tokens as the fuel to navigate through the system. Businesses are able to grow together by sharing information on this atform and are not required to download a lot of business applications since those available on this platform can communicate with each other. Users only need to login once and take advantage of all the applications within the platform. Furthermore, the platform allows developers to create and add more applications. The unique or special aspect about this platform is that it not only brings apps together, it also has these apps communicating with each other. Users will use CENNZ to buy resources within the market place to create their own applications, making it bigger and growing the token's demand. Unlike other blockchain projects, Centrality already has a working platform with real world applications. CENNZ is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is thus compatible with erc20 tokens wallets. All tokens are minted by the platform. Acquiring CENNZ requires you to deposit your preferred amount of ETH, so that you can get an equivalent of the same in CENNZ. The platform plans to sell 70% of the tokens, retain 25% for development and growth, and 5% kept as reserve. Developer and founder tokens will be locked down for 2 years. Centrality is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and has offices in four other countries. Its team is made up of business people, developers and engineers. Currently, the team has about 70 business people and top-class engineers.

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