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0.00000000 BTC
$ 98,277
Volume (24h)
$ 153
Circulating Supply
29,897,122 CATO
Total Supply
945,004 CATO

What is CatoCoin?

CatoCoin incorporates sector-transforming NextGen Technology in launch of its new coin and is available on CryptoBridge. Masternodes require a Collateral of 2,400 CATO. The creators of CatoCoin identified several fundamental problems with typical masternode coins that could only be addressed through the introduction of a new coin, CatoCoin. CatoCoin transforms the way in which masternode rewards and collateral requirements are calculated. Conventional masternode coins pre-set rewards based on the progression of the blockchain by 'guessing' how quickly masternodes will be added over time. This means that investors ROI drops with every new masternode added, making them a less consistent, less stable long-term investment strategy. CatoCoin's NextGen Technology decouples rewards & collateral requirements from the blockchain and stabilizes them to the number of network Masternodes.

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