$ 0.015955
0.00000200 BTC
$ 345,257
Volume (24h)
$ 517,603
Circulating Supply
21,639,541 ACM
Total Supply
84,000,000 ACM

What is Actinium?

Coin started without any premine, and no ICO. Purely POW-Lyra2z algorithm. Transparent team, without any developer fees. Actinium was built on top of the latest code from BTC and LTC, and our goal is to get onboard the Lightning Network, so we can provide a safe, easy, and cheaper "testing grounds" for anyone who wants to experiment with the Lightning Network, without the need to use expensive coins such as BTC and LTC . We have designed our own wallets (Windows/MacOs/Android, iOS in the making), and have applied for Ledger Nano integration.

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