Introduction to The Crypto Mafia

The Crypto Mafia is an easy to use website that presents real-time and historical data of the crypto markets. The Crypto Mafia has a dedicated page for over 6000 cryptocurrencies from well-known ones such as Bitcoin to upcoming coins such as Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency Pages

On each crypto page, you will find charts and graphs showing the: Volume, Price, etc of that particular cryptocurrency.

Crypto Information Table

On the homepage, you will find a table with an overview of all the cryptocurrencies that we monitor on the website. The table shows 20 cryptocurrencies per page and they are ranked in terms of popularity. If you are looking for a crypto, in particular, you can simply search it in the search bar. You can then click on the crypto to access the cryptos coin page.

Affiliate Links Disclaimer

Throughout the website, we have buy/sell links. All these links point to the popular and trusted crypto exchange site Changelly. For transparency reasons, we will inform you that these are affiliate links. What affiliate links do is (at no extra cost to you) allow us to take a small percentage of any profits made from the transaction. So it doesn’t cost you a dime extra and you get to support The Crypto Mafia.