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Signs That Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

The garage door is often an overlooked aspect of a home despite serving as one of the most important entry and exit points. As homeowners, it's imperative that you pay attention to your garage doors to ensure they're functioning optimally. A poorly functioning garage door is not just a potential danger to your home but also to your family's safety. This blog post will highlight signs that should prompt you to call a garage door repair professional.

Your Garage Door Moves Erratically

If you've noticed that your garage door moves slower than usual or jerks when opening or closing, that's a sign that something is amiss with the garage door's components. The garage door's mechanisms work in tandem, and any malfunction could cause the door to move erratically. It's important to have a professional garage door repair company take a look to avoid a potential danger.

Abnormal Noise

Garage doors usually have a mechanism that produces some degree of noise when opening or closing. However, when the noise is louder or much higher than usual, something is wrong. Your garage door may be in dire need of repairs, especially if you hear squeaking or grinding sounds.

Inconsistent Opening and Closing

On some days, your garage door may open as smoothly as butter, and on other days, it may fail to open at all. If you're experiencing inconsistencies with the way your garage door opens and closes, it's quite possible that the safety sensors or door track is misaligned. This can be a huge safety hazard as it could cause the door to come crashing down.


Most garage doors are made of metal and are prone to rust if not properly sealed, painted, or coated. Rust causes damage to the structural integrity of the garage door and can cause it to fail to open or close. If you notice rust on any part of your garage door, you should call a professional immediately.

Old Age

If your garage door is nearing old age, it's highly recommended that you call a garage door repair professional. Older garage doors tend to have more issues with their mechanisms, and it's not worth risking your safety or property.

Your garage door serves an essential function and should not be neglected. As a homeowner, it's important that you pay attention to any signs of malfunction or abnormal behavior. In the case of garage door repair, it's best to err on the side of caution and allow a professional repair company to handle it. Remember, a properly functioning garage door is crucial to your home's safety and the safety of your family.

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