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Are You Ready For A New Septic Tank Installation?

If you have an existing septic tank on your property, you may not know if you need to have a new septic tank installation done or not. In fact, you may have never really given the subject much thought until a contractor or plumber told you it might be a good idea. Or, you may be remodeling your home and wondering if the current septic tank you have is good enough for your needs.

If you need a new septic tank installation done, it's best to have this done by professionals. This way, you have the right tank put in and you can ensure your property's septic and plumbing is up to par in the process. You should never attempt to drain, pump, or clean out a septic tank on your own, as this can be dangerous and certainly messy.

Don't know where your existing septic tank is? Ask for county records on your home or speak to your real estate agent; they may know where the coordinates for your home's septic tank are or can lead you in the right direction. Here are signs you are ready for a new septic tank installation.

Your current septic tank is really old

If your existing septic tank is several years old or more than a few decades old, then it's worth at least having it inspected to see if a new septic tank installation will be better for your system. Or, you can inquire about septic tank repair. Choose whichever option is more cost-effective for you based on the number of years of life the upgrade will give you.

You've added onto your family or home

A huge reason why people have a new septic tank installation done is because the current tank just isn't big enough to accommodate their needs anymore. For example, adding a bathroom or more family members (including a MIL apartment or a rental room on your land) will cause you to have to think about whether the size of your septic tank can handle more sewage or not. Your contractor can help you make the decision as to whether you should get a new septic tank or not as well.

Your budget plays a big role in whether you should consider a new septic tank installation, however, the longer you wait, the more the installation can cost. If your septic system overflows, you have a serious and yucky situation on your hands, so don't let a budget entirely make decisions for you regarding septic system needs.

For more info about septic tank installation, contact a local company.