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When Is A Composite Roof A Great Choice?

People sometimes ask what kind of roof is the best. There is not cut-and-dry answer to this question. Which type of roof is best depends on your climate, your budget, and a number of other factors. It is often more useful to focus on certain types of roofs and when they, specifically, are good choices. Here's a look at some situations in which composite roofing tends to be a very good choice.

You get a ton of rain.

All roofing is made to withstand water exposure to some degree. However, excessive exposure to water does cause some roofing materials to break down faster than they otherwise would. For instance, shingles may grow algae or moss if they stay wet for months on-end. Composite roofing, however, is not really bothered by water, even if it stays wet almost constantly. It is, after all, made from rubber and plastic, both of which are essentially waterproof.

You have a tree over your roof.

It's usually best to remove any trees that are shading your roof. They drop branches on the roof, and they cast shade that keeps a roof from drying out properly. However, if you do not want to remove the tree, then your best option is to pick a roof material that can tolerate the conditions created by the tree. Composite roofing fits this job description. It won't deteriorate with moisture exposure or get ripped apart by tree branches.

You're trying to use only sustainable materials.

Roofing products, historically, have not been all that sustainable. Asphalt shingles, after all, are made with petroleum products. But composite roofing is quite sustainable. The plastic and rubber used to make it are usually obtained from recycled goods. Using composite roofing helps decrease the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. If your HOA has sustainability requirements or you're trying to meet sustainable building codes, then composite roofing is a top choice.

You want a roof that looks like brick.

Bricks have never really been used as a roofing material, at least not with any sort of consistency. So if you want a roof that looks like brick, composite is the way to go. There are composite tiles made to look like both red and gray brick. Of course, composite comes in a variety of other colors and patterns, too.

There is no single best roof, but there is a best roof for your situation. If you're in one of the situations above, that best roof might be composite.