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About Chimney Damage

There can be numerous signs that indicate your chimney is in need of repairs. It's important to recognize any of these signs as soon as possible so you can act quickly to have repairs done. This article will go over some of the signs your chimney may have that indicate it's in need of repairs. 

There is visual damage to the masonry

If you see any visual damage to the masonry, such as cracks, flaking, chipping, or areas with crumbling mortar, you want to have it repaired. The problems you see in the masonry now will continue to get worse over time until you have them fixed. This damage can also allow water to penetrate the chimney structure, which can lead to significant damage. 

The chimney crown is damaged

The chimney crown is the top surface that seals the chimney to protect it from the elements. If the chimney crown gets damaged, then this can open it up to water-related issues. You may be able to spot damage to the chimney crown that comes in the form of cracks or fractures. 

There are signs of water damage

If you have signs of water damage on the walls or ceiling near the chimney, then this can indicate that there's a chimney leak. Water can enter through damaged areas in the chimney and cause water damage that can include stains, rusted components, mold growth, and even a weakened structure. 

There is damage to the flashing

The flashing is the metal material that goes around the base of the chimney and meets with the roof line. The flashing is there to add protection from moisture and other elements. If the flashing is loose, cracked, or even missing, then this can allow for the possibility of a lot of water damage and other problems. Damaged flashing can cause a leaking roof, rot to the roof, mold or mildew growth, and even discoloration of the roofing materials. This is an issue that should be taken seriously and fixed as quickly as possible. 

The chimney is leaning

If the chimney is leaning, then this indicates possible structural issues. These issues can compromise the stability of the chimney and pose a danger to the home and those inside it. This is why you wandt to have your chimney looked at immediately if you notice that it looks like it could be leaning. No matter what issues your chimney is having, you should have them looked at promptly to avoid serious problems and worse damage.

For more information on chimney repair, contact a professional near you.