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Making Repairs And Applying A Deck Coating Is A Good Way To Rejuvenate Your Old Deck

If your deck is showing its age, it's probably time to have repairs done and a deck coating put on. If you don't know how or don't have time to do the project yourself, you can hire a deck repair service. Your deck could look almost new again and save you from the embarrassment of an ugly deck and the expense of getting a new deck before it's necessary. Here are a few steps needed to restore an old wood deck.

Make Repairs And Clean The Deck

Before putting a deck coating on, your deck needs to be repaired. Loose nails need to be replaced so the boards are sturdy and tight. Broken boards should be replaced or repaired. Cracks in the boards might be repaired by filling them with wood putty. If your deck is in bad shape, this might be the most labor-intensive part of the deck restoration.

The deck also has to be cleaned so the deck coating adheres well and lasts a long time. The deck repair contractor might use a pressure washer to lift dirt and stains. A pressure washer is also useful for getting rid of oxidation.

If your deck has turned gray from weather exposure, the contractor can remove the gray surface with a pressure washer and reveal the original color and grain of the wood. This has to be done carefully so the wood isn't damaged. They may need to use cleaners to lift tough stains. Once the deck is clean and dry, it's time to put on the coating.

Choose A Deck Coating And Apply It

You can work with the deck repair contractor to choose the appropriate coating for your deck. Deck coatings are oil-based, polyurethane, or acrylic. They can be clear, stain, or a solid color. Once the coating is chosen and the deck is clean and ready, the coating can be applied according to the instructions the manufacturer gives for the type of coating used.

The contractor may start with a primer coat and then add two or more layers of your chosen coating. Each layer has to dry thoroughly between applications. When the work is done, the contractor lets you know how long to wait before you can walk on the deck and start using it again.

A deck coating will protect the wood from rain and sun. Your deck will be waterproof if you choose a waterproof coating, and that helps the wood have a longer life. Some coatings last longer than others, so ask your contractor how long it will be before a new coating is needed, and the signs you should watch for that indicate your coating is getting old and needs to be replaced.