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Preparations For A Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project

If you would like your hardwood floors to feature a rich, dark color and smooth surface, you may be ready to have the flooring refinished. Refinishing a floor is a project that may require you to move furnishings and seek the removal of trim pieces and other flooring accessories that may impede the refinishing process.

Your Preferences

First, a contractor will discuss your hardwood flooring preferences with you. You can go with a lighter or darker color stain or can opt to have the same refinishing products added to your floor. If you currently have carpeting covering some hardwood flooring in your home, you may have chosen to remove the carpeting and have the floors refinished. This type of project is more extensive than a standard refinishing one.

Your contractor may offer a carpet removal service. If not, you will need to plan how the carpeting will be removed, prior to having the refinishing processes performed. If carpeting has covered a floor for many years, there will be no telling what type of condition the flooring underneath the carpeting will be in.

A contractor will need to assess the flooring first, prior to determining what type of sanding equipment will be needed. If any gouging is present in the flooring, a contractor will need to make repairs to the planks that are damaged. All of your preferences will be outlined when you form a contract with the company that will be handling the refinishing job.

The Adaptations

Some adaptations may be needed while the refinishing process is underway. These include dealing with the fact that some furnishings may need to be temporarily stored in another room in your home. Try to make plans to move all of the items within the room where the refinishing project will take place. If you handle this step in advance, your contractor and refinishing crew can get right to work on performing the upgrades to the flooring.

In order for the stain and varnish to be applied evenly to the hardwood planks, the contractor you hire may need to remove thresholds and molding pieces that run around the edges of the flooring. These materials may also be in need of an upgrade. After the floor has been sanded, stained, and varnished, a contractor can clean the materials that were originally secured around the flooring. Then, they will use a hammer or a drill to secure them back to the floor. 

For more info about hardwood floor refinishing, contact a local company.