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Home Roofing Contractor: 4 Unique Roofing Designs You Should Consider For Your New Home

Building a new home is an exciting milestone in your life, and you want to ensure you choose the best roofing design that fits your needs. You can go with a traditional roofing design or choose something more unique. For instance, you could consider a butterfly-style roof, a green roofing system, or even a living roof. A competent contractor can help you choose the best unique roofing design for your new home. Here are four unique roofing designs to consider.

Butterfly Roof

The butterfly roof is an eye-catching and distinctive design. It comprises two sides that come together at a center point, resembling a butterfly's wings. A butterfly roof is a great option for homes in wetter climates as it directs rainwater away from home and helps to reduce flooding. If you're interested in going with an unconventional roof design that is both stylish and functional, the butterfly roof is a great choice.

Cross Gabled Roof

A cross-gabled roof adds a unique flair to your home. It's made up of two separate gabled roof sections that intersect one another, forming an X. The style is great for homes with inclement weather as the X shape allows for extra support and helps keep the roof stable during high winds or heavy rain.

Green Roof or Living Roof

If you want to make your new home eco-friendly, then a green roof or living roof may be the right choice. With this unique roofing system, your contractor will install an insulation sheet on top of the traditional waterproof membrane. Next, they'll layer soil and vegetation on the insulation sheet. The system can help to conserve energy, reduce air pollution, and protect your roof from UV rays and wear and tear. It's also aesthetically pleasing, creating a garden-like space on top of your home.

Solar Shingle Roof

A solar shingle roof is ideal if you want to make your home more energy efficient. As the name suggests, this unique system consists of shingles embedded with solar cells. The cells collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity for your home, reducing energy bills. It's a great choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Whether you're looking for a modern and stylish roof or an eco-friendly system, these four unique roofing designs are worth considering for your new home. Working with a local home roofing contractor can help you decide which option is best for your needs. They'll advise on the design, installation process, and maintenance- so you can rest assured that your new roof will look great and last for years. Contact a home roofing contractor today to learn more about these unique designs and other options available.