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2 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Rigging Service To Move Your Construction Equipment

If you are getting ready to move your construction equipment, you may have decided that you need to hire someone else to help out. Since you do not want to spend money on buying the rigging equipment and the labor costs for operators, you have decided to hire a rigging service.

However, since this may be the first time you have hired such a service, you may not have full knowledge of the process. Below are a couple of questions you can ask to help get you started with gathering information before hiring a service that provides rigging solutions.

1. What Parts of the Moving Process Will the Rigging Service Handle for You?

One question you should ask when first speaking with a potential rigging company has to do with the services they provide. During the rigging process, there are three phases that include dismantling and loading the equipment, moving it to its new location, and positioning it with the use of a crane.

Some services only provide services for one of these phases, while others provide all three. Ideally, you should hire a turnkey rigging service that provides not only the equipment and operators for the entire project but also helps with planning out the logistics of the move. 

2. What Type of Training Does the Company Require From the Rigging Operators?

Another question you should ask has to do with the operators who work for the company. Ask the representative what type of special training the rigging operators receive and whether they are trained in only one phase.

Because the various stages each require specialized skills, the operators should have focused training on one phase of the rigging operation so that they can do their job efficiently and safely. All of the operators should also have extensive safety training because of the hazardous nature of working with, moving, and positioning heavy construction equipment to help prevent serious injury and damage to your construction equipment.

Ideally, when you hire a service to move your construction company's equipment, they will be able to complete all stages of the moving process, which includes the loading, moving, and positioning phases. They should also ensure that their operators receive specialized training for the phase they work in, including extensive safety training. For answers to these and other questions you may have, speak with a representative of a company that provides rigging services for construction companies in your area.

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