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Restoring Your Septic System After It Suffers Drainfield Problems

There are many components of your septic system that will have to be in working condition for these systems to safely and effectively break down the wastewater that the home is producing. The drainfield will play a critical role in dispersing the water that comes from the septic tank, and any problems with this component can be especially problematic.

Drainfield Problems Can Cause Extensive Plumbing Performance Problems And Extreme Damage To The Property

Clogs and other damages to the drainfield can have major impacts on the performance of your home's plumbing as these issues can prevent the treated wastewater from draining. This could cause the drains in the home to be very slow. Additionally, clogs or ruptures in the drainfield pipes could allow the water to drain out in unpredictable ways. Not surprisingly, this may increase the amount of erosion that occurs. Acting quickly when these problems develop with the drainfield can limit the amount of damage that this issue causes so that you can minimize both the costs of repairing the drainfield system itself as well as the restoration work that the landscaping may require after prolonged periods of drainfield malfunctions.

Many Of The Damages That Can Occur To The Drainfield Are Due To External Sources

Clogs are a common issue for drainfields to experience, and this can lead to individuals assuming that any problems with this plumbing component will be due to internal obstructions and other damages. However, many of the potential causes of damage to drainfields can be due to external sources. This could include parking heavy vehicles or other equipment on top of the drainfield. This mistake could lead to the soil compacting to the point where water may not be able to easily drain away from the drainfield. Additionally, roots could grow around these lines. This could constrict and even rupture the drain lines.

Repairing Most Drainfield Problems Will Require Excavating The Soil

Severe problems with the drainfield may require excavation to repair this damage. While this can cause some damage to your landscaping, a professional septic tank drainfield repair service can attempt to isolate the location of the damage. This will limit the amount of digging that will have to be done to expose the compromised section of the drainfield piping. Unfortunately, there can be times when the damage to the drainfield is very widespread, which may lead to it needing to be fully replaced with a new system. While this can be a major project, it can be necessary for restoring the septic system of the home.

Reach out to a septic tank drainfield repair contractor to learn more.