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3 Tips For Your Window Replacement

A window remodel can be a very smart home improvement project. New windows add to your home's curb appeal and can even decrease your energy costs. While window replacement can significantly enhance your home, it's not a project you want to tackle without thinking ahead. Finding suitable windows for your home is essential, but that can be more challenging than expected. Here are three window replacement tips to help you get through this process.  

Go With Professional Installation

While you may feel like you can tackle a window remodel without help, it's usually best to leave window installation to a professional installer. There are a few reasons why you should go with a professional window replacement. First, a window professional will help you select the best windows for your budget and needs. Second, if your window isn't installed correctly, you could be looking at damage down the road. You can avoid this scenario by leaving the installation of your new windows to someone who knows what they are doing. 

Prepare Your Home For Window Replacement

Whether you are going with wood, vinyl, or fiberglass replacement windows, preparing your home for window replacement is crucial. Preparing your home for a window remodel requires communication with your window installer. Ask them how much room they need indoors and outside for the window replacement. You should also discuss how long the window replacement will take. It usually takes between half an hour and one hour to replace a single window. Most window installers can replace 10 to 15 windows in a single work day. Taking the time to prepare your home for the window replacement will mean a smooth and quick installation.

Know What You're Paying For

Window replacement costs vary depending on the size and type of windows you select and labor costs. The more complicated the window installation, the more your installer will charge for their labor. Before scheduling a window replacement, it's a good idea to get a breakdown of the costs, so you know exactly what you are paying for. When it comes to the average window replacement, you can expect to spend $150 to $750 for a single window and between $100 and $250 for the installation. 

If you are looking at window replacement, these tips can help. First, going with professional window installation is crucial. Second, make sure you prepare your home for window replacement. Finally, know what you are paying for and get a detailed breakdown of costs before your window remodel project begins.  

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