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What Causes Clogged Drains In The Bathroom?

Many homeowners have to deal with household plumbing clogs, which can commonly form in the kitchen and bathroom. You might be aware of the fact that kitchen clogs can occur due to food debris and grease going down the kitchen sink, but you might not be sure why clogged drains might be present in your bathroom. Whether you're dealing with a bathroom plumbing clog right now or not, you may want to know about these different common causes of clogged drains in the bathroom.


One of the most common causes of bathroom plumbing clogs is hair. In the shower, hair can quickly clog the drain. This can happen in the sink, too. As hair binds up, it can cause serious clogs. Installing a cover over your drain that will catch hair is a good idea. Additionally, doing simple things like avoiding brushing your hair over the sink or in the shower can help, too.

Soap Scum and Dirt

Believe it or not, soap scum can clog the drains in your shower and sink. Dirt from washing your hands or taking a shower can sometimes cause clogged drains, too. Being sure to clean your sink and shower regularly so that these things don't accumulate too much is a start. Additionally, make sure that you properly rinse soap scum and dirt down the drain with plenty of water, and consider switching to liquid soap and body wash when possible to help prevent the accumulation of hard soap scum.

Flushing the Wrong Things

Of course, clogged drains aren't just a problem in the sink and shower; they can also be a big problem with the toilet, too. One of the top reasons why people find themselves dealing with clogged toilets is because they -- or someone else in their household -- flush the wrong things down the toilet. A clog can happen immediately if you flush something large down the toilet, such as if your child flushes a toy. However, in some cases, clogs take a little bit longer to form and become a problem. If you toss a cotton swab or paper towel in the toilet, it might not seem like a big deal at first. However, over time, these habits can lead to serious clogs. It's also important to avoid flushing cat litter, feminine hygiene products, diapers, or condoms down the toilet. Instead, stick to flushing only toilet paper and human waste if you want to avoid clogs. If it's too late to avoid a clog because there is already one present, then you should hire a professional to help with clearing it out.