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Deck Repairs For Decks That Have Fallen Into Disrepair

If you think your deck has decayed to a point of no return, it might be time to call on professional help to fix the damage. Repairs can help you restore your deck so that you can start enjoying it again. There are some things that you want to know about deck repairs before you start restoring your deck and the following information will probably help.

Rot and Separation From the Structure

One big issue with decks is the rot that can happen where the deck is connected to the structure of your home. This is often started due to the separation of the structure and the deck where it is fastened to your home.

When repairing rot and the separation, repairs might need to be done to more than just the deck. Sometimes, the rot at the deck is also present where water has gotten in behind it. Thus, you might need to have some water damage at the exterior walls repaired and the deck.

Issues with Damaged Stairs and Railings

The railings and stairs are other areas where you might need to deal with the damage. Sometimes, the railings can become loose and unsafe and might need to be repaired or replaced. If you have an older deck with railings that do not meet modern building codes, you might want to replace them to bring your deck up to date. With the stairs on decks, they are often close to the ground and susceptible to rot and damage. Therefore, stairs might need to be replaced if the damage gets worse.

Problems with Posts, Beams, and Joists

There are also many structural components of a deck that can fail and might need to be repaired. This can start with the posts that support the deck, which can rot. If you have to replace posts, you might want to consider replacing them with masonry pillars to avoid future problems.

When it comes to the other structural components o your deck, there are other issues that you might have to deal with. These include problems with the structural loads. A deck repair contractor can replace beams and joists that have been damaged and add extra support to your deck where it is needed.

Options to Restore the Deck Surface

Finally, the deck surface is the last area of your deck that is going to need to be repaired. You are going to want to repair the surface of the deck by replacing any damaged decking boards and refinishing them. If the deck surface is severely worn and damaged, you might want to consider completely replacing it.

These are some of the things that you are going to want to know about restoring your deck to get it back to looking new. Contact a deck restoration service to discuss everything that might need to be done to restore your deck. 

For more information on deck repair, contact a professional near you.