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3 Reasons To Choose Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

Today's homeowners who want to spend more time outdoors have a variety of options available to them. Some circumstances can interfere with individuals being able to travel or enjoy leisure activities away from home. This is why some homeowners choose to make their homes their sanctuaries.

Private swimming pools are an investment that some homeowners make. This investment offers entertainment options and personal enjoyment. Many jurisdictions have laws that require pool owners to follow safety protocols. This is why pool fences have been a common investment for liability and compliance purposes. Custom screen enclosures are an alternative to swimming pool fences. The following points identify a few reasons to consider choosing a screen enclosure instead of a fence.

Enhanced Safety 

Screen enclosures and fences both offer safety to homeowners. Custom screen enclosures can be designed with a full view, which allows all pool activities to be seen. If an emergency such as someone flailing their hands occurs, a fence's design could cause visibility issues. However, screens are see-through and will allow easier visualization. This could reduce the chances of delayed response time to pool emergencies. Enclosures can be custom-designed to include the same safety features as fences. Alarms, CCTV monitoring, and locks are enhanced safety options.

Enhanced Comfort

Residential pools offer an ideal option to enjoy a sunny day at home. The sun can cause the water in an uncovered pool to get hot, and the sun's rays can be distracting to swimmers. A screen enclosure offers a protective covering over the pool area. This can be beneficial for temperature control and reducing the effects of sunlight.

The overhead protection can also be convenient on days when rainy weather occurs unexpectedly. Homeowners who have pool screen enclosures do not have to cancel their plans if unexpected rain occurs. They can also have peace of mind if rain interferes with plans to go on an outing. A sheltered pool solution will offer them the convenience of staying home to have fun.

Easier Maintenance

Pool maintenance is required to ensure that pools last for many years. Swimming pool cleaning ensures that pools are operational and can pool prevent stains. Algae is a common cause of pool stains, and it is also associated with pool repairs. Sheltered pools require less maintenance because contaminants such as algae and debris are less likely to cause a frequent need for maintenance. The lifespan of pools could be longer and require repairs less frequently because of fewer contaminants, and fewer pool cleaning chemicals being required.

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