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Your Guide To Selecting Commercial Roller Shutters For Your Business

Selecting commercial roller shutters for your business is essential if you want to achieve greater energy efficiency, security, and protection. However, property managers and owners often find the process of choosing the right roller shutter can be overwhelming. The following commercial roller shutters guide will help you make the right decision for the needs of your property:

Commercial Roller Shutter Designs

Whether you're using roller shutters for commercial or industrial purposes, it's important to choose the right shutter for your installation. Today, modern roller shutters have evolved into highly customizable devices that protect windows and doors of any type of business.

Commercial roller shutters come in two main varieties: sectional or rolling shutters. Sectional shutters are usually used for doors and windows. They consist of a grid of interlocking panels that are completely movable, even when they're fully closed. Rolling shutters, on the other hand, are effectively glorified doors. These are made of slats that are attached to a track and can be rolled up or down as needed.

Consider the Security Needs of Your Property

Every business has different security needs. Commercial roller shutters are sophisticated pieces of equipment that require professional installation and help businesses with their security needs. If you are considering installing commercial roller shutters for your new business, make sure you choose the right design options for your business needs. For the security of your business, you want roller shutter locks that help secure the shutters you have installed on your business

The roller shutter hardware comes in a few different styles. The two main types are rim locks and bolt locks. Rim locks are attached directly to the shutter, while bolt locks have a curved bracket that curves into the wall and attaches to the shutter. Bolt locks are more secure because they add a little extra height to the shutter's profile, making it more difficult for someone to pry it open. In addition, make sure to use quality metal shutter materials for better security for your property when you have roller shades installed on the openings.

Choose the Right Type of Roller Shutter Hardware

The rollers on rolling shutters are engineered to open and close the shutters smoothly without loud banging or clanking. To ensure you get this functionality, you want to make sure your shutters are made of quality materials and have the right hardware. Generally, the shutters are made of steel, and the hardware that holds the rollers in place is galvanized metal.

The quality hardware that you have installed on your shutters should start with the bolt locks. You also want to consider other hardware, like the rollers, tracks, and an optional opener. Installing an electric opener for the roller shutters you use the most will make these features easier to use to get the most out of your investment for these improvements to your business.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Roller Shutters

When most people think of roller shutters, they think of roller-type doors on the loading docks of a warehouse or other industrial application. Today, there are more options for the style and design of roller shutters. These include both vertical and horizontal designs. If you want shutters that provide security and functionality, conventional designs that open vertically are probably the best option for the needs of your property. If you want more aesthetically pleasing shutters, you might want to consider horizontal shutters that open and close horizontally.

A well-designed commercial shutter will keep your business secure and safe. Contact a commercial roller shutter service, such as Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc., to start planning the installation of new shutters for all the openings in your business.