Planning For An Addition: Construction Introduction

Post-Pandemic Work Zone Equipment And You

During the construction season, one priority is safety: it is essential to have adequate supplies of work zone equipment to ensure a safe work environment or location site, particularly when supplies are short or delayed. Be sure to think ahead and prepare by ordering extra work zone equipment so your safety record and completion times are perfect and your employees go home each night without injuries; ensure your projects are not delayed due to lack of important items such as traffic cones, vests, hardhats, signs, and other work zone equipment products.

If your workers have been away from the job due to the pandemic, do not forget to order training videos to refresh their skills and knowledge of best practices when using work zone equipment. Similarly, since many have gained weight during the pandemic lockdown, you may need a variety of different vest sizes so you can accommodate any size a worker may need. It is also smart to have other apparel available, such as socks, shoelaces, gloves, and face-coverings to comply with any local or state Covid-19 safety regulations; your work zone equipment must be compliant. It is also imperative to have lighting options, ranging from high-beam flashlights to larger portable light units, particularly when working in high-fog areas; whether your crews are working overnight or starting early in the morning, do not forget visibility.

Taking a step back, one should make sure that the overall work environment is properly set up. The work environment is not only the location of the project but a collection of situational factors as well. A positive work environment can improve the morale and productivity of your employees; however, a negative environment can demotivate and dissuade. Though seemingly negligible, the work environment can make a world of difference to your employees. Proper work zone equipment that fits, works correctly, and is not poorly made or maintained can go a long way to ensuring a positive work environment. Employees will be frustrated if the equipment constantly breaks or does not fit. This frustration will lead to less productivity and a negative work environment. Organization of work zone equipment will lead to less frustration for your workforce and will reduce time-consuming questions or pauses. It will also help management and record-keeping, as your work zone equipment will be easier to account for.

As the world returns to normal after the pandemic lockdown, it is important to re-establish contact with your local work zone equipment supplier who has everything you need to be safe, productive, and profitable.