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Repairs To Start While Your Yacht Is Dry-Docked This Winter

If your yacht is dry-docked this winter, it is a good time to start thinking about repairs. Marina repair services can help with major refitting and repairs. Some of the work that needs to be done is going to be easier while your yacht is dry-docked. The following yacht repairs should be done this winter when your boat is out of the water:

Inspecting and Refinishing the Hull

The hull of your yacht can wear and be damaged while you are on the water. This can make it difficult to clean and repair. Therefore, you want to do a thorough cleaning of the hull. While the vessel is dry-docked, it can also be refinished with a new protective coating. These are special coatings that are designed for harsh marine environments. The hull can also be inspected for damage that needs to be repaired before the new finish is applied.

Refitting the Deck and Exterior Finishes

The deck is another area where your boat may need to have work done. While you have it dry-docked, you may want to have a new deck finish installed. Today, there are options for marine-grade wood finishes that can enhance the appearance of the deck with more durable finishes. While you are having a new deck installed, you may want to install other finishes to the exterior of your yacht to protect it.

Overhauling and Repairing the Engines

Your yacht engines are important and need to be serviced regularly to ensure they are reliable. It is a good time to have the engines of your vessel overhauled during the winter months. The engine overhaul maintenance will include changing the oil and doing other maintenance that needs to be done. The repair service will also inspect the engine and its equipment. Any problems will be repaired before you put your yacht back in the water.

Updating Interiors and Mechanical Equipment

The interiors of your boat can also be updated while it is out of the water. You may want to install new furnishings that are designed for boating. In addition, mechanical equipment like plumbing, storage tanks, and wiring all need to be serviced. This is the last of the work that needs to be done before you put your boat back in the water next spring. You may also want to consider upgrading communications equipment while the maintenance is being done.

The winter months are the best time to do major repairs to your yacht while it is out of the water. Contact a marina repair service for help with repairs that your vessel needs to have done before spring.