Planning For An Addition: Construction Introduction

5 Home Additions To Consider

Adding on to your home can be expensive but also an exciting project that promises to enlarge your living space and solve any problems that come from a too-small home. Here are some different types of home additions to consider.

1. New Bedroom Addition

Adding on another bedroom is a basic way to increase your home's potential occupancy. Whether you're planning to expand your family past what your current bedrooms can hold or whether you need the room to function as a guest room and study, a new bedroom can significantly increase the living space in your home.

Be sure to discuss with your contractor how this addition will change other aspects of your home and home systems. For instance, adding a bedroom may make your septic system too small, meaning you could need to also replace the septic tank.

2. Solarium or Sunroom Addition

Not every home has a sunroom or solarium, but adding one can provide a sunny spot in winter and help you to spend more time with nature. A sunroom is typically a room with lots and lots of windows, allowing the sun to shine in strongly. If you like tropical plants, a solarium can be a great spot for them and help you to beat the winter blues.

3. Kitchen Addition

If you have a tiny kitchen, you may find that it not only makes meal preparation frustrating but also drags down the value of your house. Adding on to expand your kitchen can help you achieve that open, generously sized food preparation area you need.

4. Bathroom Addition

If your kids are growing up and need more and more bathroom time each, you may find yourself considering a bathroom addition. Sometimes you can have a spot inside your home converted into a bathroom, but with growing kids, you may not have any extra interior space, so an addition may be your best option.

Make sure you outline your needs minutely to enable accurate contractor quotes and try to locate your bathroom addition near existing plumbing to avoid long plumbing runs and long waits for hot water.

5. Covered Porch Addition or Conversion

Adding a covered porch to your home may be a slightly more affordable addition since it doesn't necessarily require a slab foundation. You can also convert an existing porch into a covered porch or even into a sunroom or another room for your house (such as an entryway room), although a foundation will likely be required in these cases.

These are just a few ideas for adding on to your home. Contact local home addition services today to help you realize the ideas you have for making your home a better place.