Planning For An Addition: Construction Introduction

Transform A Modern Farmhouse Into A Classic Timepiece

If you have purchased a fairly modern farmhouse and would like it to possess time period characteristics that are reminiscent of many decades ago, focus on the main parts of the house, the decor that is added, and the trim and fixtures. A remodeling contractor will add materials that will provide your home with the visual illusion of a home that was built in another era.


Woodwork was commonly used in the construction of vintage homes, due to wood providing durability and beauty. Choose hardwood flooring for the common areas in your house and have the corners of each room encased in wood. A fancy wooden banister that contains ornate trim, solid oak or redwood doors, and a dark-stained mantelpiece that surrounds your living room's fireplace will add charm and character to your home's interior.

Wood is a material that will provide lasting benefits, and dirt won't be easily trapped on wooden surfaces. Keep carpeting choices to a minimum and use small throw rugs that contain intricate designs in lieu of plush carpeting that will take away from the classic appearance that you wish to attain.

For a true representation of an older home, pick reclaimed wood products. Wood that has been repurposed may have come from a place that is rich in history. The reclaimed wood will contain unique markings.

Decor, Trim, Interior Doors, And Fixtures

Purchase time period decorations, including paintings, vases, or collectibles. Use these in conjunction with the custom home remodeling services that you choose. As rooms are being completed, you may be inspired to purchase a specific furnishing or wall hanging that will complement a portion of each living area.

Choose trim that correlates to a specific era and have it installed both inside and outside of your home. Scrolled borders or edging can instantly transform a room or a porch and give it a classic look. Instead of keeping interior doors that are solid, choose Dutch doors (double-hung doors). This type of door will feature a section on the top and the bottom that can be opened and closed separately or together.

A Dutch door will be suitable for a kitchen or an enclosed den. If modern fixtures and appliances are detracting from the historic vibe you are seeking, consider replacing them with classic fixture styles and retro appliances. Some manufacturers design new faucets, knobs, and appliances that are constructed of new parts but designed to look as if they are old.

If you need help remaking your home, contact a custom remodeling service