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Upgrading Your Home's Wall Insulation

Insulation is an important part of any structure. Unfortunately, there are many homes that may not have a sufficient amount of insulation. This problem is particularly common in older homes, but it is possible to address this issue through the addition of more insulation to the walls of the house.

Reduce Outside Noise

A lack of insulation in the walls of the home can significantly increase the amount of noise that is able to make it into the house. Increasing the insulation will be able to significantly reduce the ability of noises to make it into the home's interior. If noise reduction is a major goal of your insulation project, you will need to choose insulation that is rated for its noise-reducing qualities if you are to get the best results possible. While any type of insulation can help to reduce noise pollution in the home, systems with a higher noise suppression rating can be more effective for those near airports, highways, factories, or other sources of loud and constant noise.

Mitigate Drafts

Insufficient insulation can also help to make the interior of the home extremely drafty. These drafts can be unpleasant, as they may make the interior of the house uncomfortably cool. While these drafts are primarily caused by gaps in the home's interior and exterior walls, insulation can help to reduce their prevalence as it will act as a barrier to outside air entering the home. This can be extremely useful for older homes, as they may be very drafty due to numerous small gaps forming in the exterior panels of the home, and adding more insulation can be an easier and cost-effective option for addressing this issue.

Take Advantage Of Modern Insulation's Benefits

Individuals may not realize the advances that have occurred with modern insulation systems. For example, it can be possible to easily increase the amount of insulation in the walls of the home by using spray foam systems. The spray foam can be sprayed into the walls through a small incision in the walls. The foam will greatly expand once it has been sprayed, and this will allow it to fill the space between the walls. For most projects, this can be one of the easiest options for adding more insulation to a wall. Furthermore, the spray foam will not have the types of small gaps and spaces that are in traditional insulation systems, and this can make it a far more efficient option to use.

For more information about improving your wall insulation, contact a local insulation professional.