Planning For An Addition: Construction Introduction

Railing Ideas For An Elevated Deck

A recently-constructed deck that is adjacent to the upper level of your home will require steps and a railing to provide you with a functional way to access your yard while you are outdoors. A round handrail, a series of balusters, and a bottom rail can be custom-designed so that the materials add dimension to your property and complement the surroundings.

A Natural Look That Complements Foliage

Wood that possesses a rich brown or an orange hue will be complementary to potted plants or tall trees that surround your home. There are many ways to incorporate your property's features with a new railing, and since wood is a material that originally came from a forest, you can completely omit manmade materials and focus on ones that are natural.

Clay-based or wooden pots that house a series of plants can be placed in the corners of the deck, directly behind the railing or along the edges of the steps that lead down to your property. Choose a round handrail design that features knotted wood and that doesn't contain grooves or complex engravings.

The bottom rail can differ from the rounded one and possess a straight, smooth surface. Choose narrow wooden slats for the balusters and have all of the railings materials stained the same color.

Safety And Style For Built-In Seating

If you would like to add a bench seat along the interior side of the railing, choose a wide, rounded handrail for the top of the feature. A glass, metal, or wooden rail can be used for the design setup. Choose wide wooden slats for the middle of the railing and instead of having them installed vertically, choose a horizontal layout.

Wide slats that are spaced close together will act as the backing for the bench seat and the wood will contradict the rounded handrail design. Finish up the railing design by choosing a bottom rail that is similar in style to the rounded handrail.

A Classic Design With A Modern Twist

Make a bold statement by mixing a classic rounded handrail design with a modern baluster set that contains thin metal poles with scalloped edges. For the top rail, choose glass or wood. A rounded design that slightly tapers off along the sides and possesses a straight, bottom edge will provide plenty of support and will contrast with the delicate appearance of each metal baluster. Choose a thick and sturdy material for the bottom rail.