Planning For An Addition: Construction Introduction

Add Tiles That Look Like Wood To Your New Home

Porcelain tiles that are designed to look like natural wood will add rustic charm to hallways, bathrooms, or entryways inside of your home. Because wood look tiles are constructed of a material that is waterproof, you can add this type of flooring material to whatever part of your home that you would like to accent, including flooring that could potentially get wet. Make some plans to integrate this type of flooring into the construction of your new home and decide how to use color schemes and fabrics to complement the flooring material.

Dispersed Throughout Or In A Few Key Areas

During the construction phase, the frame of your home will be built and the contractor who is overseeing the job may suggest distinct features or recommend a flooring and design team who can complete the finishing touches in your residence. Look over the building plans for your new home or complete a walkthrough of the work in progress to gain perspective of how things are set up to help you determine which areas will benefit most by the addition of faux wood tiles.

Just like real wooden boards, porcelain tiles will replicate the natural grain in wood and may even contain some knotted details or varying color splotches, which will make wood look tiles appear as natural as hardwood flooring. Choose your favorite type of wood and purchase tiles that are representative of this variety.

A hallway, the foyer that leads to the staircase or living room, or the edges of a floor can be accented with wood look tiles, or you can go for an overall disbursement of this type of flooring and select several rooms in which you would like the decorative tiles to encompass the floors. 

Some Complementary Features

The construction of your home may be conducted methodically and before you know it, it will be time to think about the furnishings and decorative items that will be displayed in each room. If you choose tiles that represent a dark color of wood, consider purchasing royal blue or scarlet curtains and plush furnishings that are a bold color, to complement the floor covering.

For a light and airy floor style, choose tiles that resemble cedar or another light color of wood and pair them with colorful fuzzy throw rugs and neutral-toned furnishings and window coverings. Wood look tiles do not need to be square-shaped or a standard size. Choose small squares, large ones, or oblong pieces for a more interesting and unique floor cover design.

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