Planning For An Addition: Construction Introduction

What Construction Contractors Need From Their Clients

Putting up a building requires a lot more than just hiring a team of construction contractors and turning them loose with enough resources. If you want to improve the chances of a project's success, here are five things your building construction contractors will need from you.


Generally, if a job requires what would be considered building construction work, it's best to talk with an architect rather than a designer. They will help you sort through engineering issues, layout problems, and material choices for your project. Likewise, they can produce the plans needed for the construction contractors to get started.

Make sure the architect you choose is going to be available for continuing consultations. The building construction contractors will have questions, and they may even require revisions.

Engineering Studies

The weight of a structure going on top of land can have some surprising results. Fortunately, there are solutions to the problems that can appear, such as digging out the dirt and replacing it with better materials. It's also sometimes possible to inject concrete into the ground to stabilize.

You won't know about these problems, though, until you've had detailed engineering studies done. In addition to the dirt, you may also need to studies regarding hydrology issues and potential ecological impacts. It's not a bad idea to talk with a compliance officer to learn what's required in your area.

Structured Financing

Materials don't pay for themselves. Construction contractors appreciate it when clients have the money saved up beforehand so projects can get rolling. In fact, the initial activation of the contract may depend on it.

Almost all financial institutions have officers who can help you put together the paperwork for these sorts of projects. It's also a smart idea to consult with an attorney who specializes in construction contracts. They can help you protect your interests while also providing the building construction contractors with sensible incentives for completing the project.


Regulations will permeate everything that happens with a construction job. Make sure your permits provide the necessary flexibility to deal with possible problems. It's rare that a job hits all of its scheduling targets, and you don't want to have delays while you wait for new ones.


Make sure all necessary utility lines into the site are ready to be hooked up. Contact your utility providers and tell them what your plans are. They can then advise you about when and how they can connect different systems.